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A Brief History of Tapping—Plus a Tasty Natural Harmonics Lick

A Brief History of Tapping

Tapping is one of the coolest, most impressive-sounding techniques in guitar playing. Not surprisingly, it’s also one of the most difficult and least understood.

Relax the Thumb for More Picking Speed

Wanna Play Faster? Relax Your Thumb

Over the course of several years teaching students how to alternate pick, I’ve noticed a lot of issues arising from the way many of them had been holding their pick. More specifically, it was down...

Want to Write a Masterpiece? Here Are Some Chord Progressions to Get You Started

Chord Progressions to Get You Started!

Even if one were to limit himself to an examination of pop songwriting over the last 40 years, a true instructional “guide” would take up many volumes, as it would involve a serious study of...