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Watch a Flame-Throwing Guitar Built from Start to Finish

Ever since Mad Max: Fury Road introduced the Doof Warrior last year, some guitarists seem to be obsessed with the idea of creating a flame-throwing guitar.

You remember Doof, of course—the blind mutant who plays a flame-throwing guitar on a truck loaded with a giant sound system and a band of “tiger drummers.” His guitar was no CG fake. It was a fully functional flame thrower, capable of making some truly searing leads.

Shortly after the film opened last May, Caleb, a YouTube user with Make Magazine, showed how he built a flamethrower into a ukulele.

Now comes the real deal: Colin Furze has made a genuine flame-throwing guitar of his own using an Epiphone Les Paul. Furze created the guitar for Intel’s America’s Greatest Makers competition after asking his followers for suggestions.

“I asked you what you wanted to see me put on a guitar in my support of Intel’s Americas Greatest Makers and you all said FLAMETHROWER,” he writes. “So here’s me putting it together.”

You can see the guitar’s creation from start to finish in the video below. Furze promises to show the guitar in action next Tuesday, so stay tuned.

Incidentally, Furze makes a ton of very cool things, which you can see in the videos on his YouTube channel. Check it out.