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How to Sound More Melodic

How to Sound More Melodic

While melodic guitar playing isn’t genre-specific, it's an approach several guitarists in the progressive-rock spectrum tend to employ. It leads to a flowing, expansive sound consisting of...

Bridging the Chasm Between Scales and Arpeggios

The Chasm Between Scales and Arpeggios

Hovering in the abyss of time and space, of metal and glory, of dragons, mythical kingdoms and guitar picks lost in the couch, is another plane where scales and arpeggios intertwine as one musical...

How to Play Customized Two-Note-Per-String Scales

Customized Two-Note Scales

If you’ve ever sat down to learn a scale that isn’t called the minor pentatonic scale, you’ve definitely made a few mistakes as you ascended and descended through the various positions.