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How to Find the

How to Find the "Groove" Pocket

Finding “the pocket” is a concept traditionally associated with drums or bass—the rhythm section. However, you have to have rhythm no matter what instrument you play, from guitar to trumpet to kazoo.

Set Sail with the Diminished Sound

Set Sail with the Diminished Sound

Have you ever heard the phrase “diminishing returns?” It’s a financial idiom that refers to a point at which the level of profit gained is less than the amount of energy you’re investing to earn it.

How to Slip in Some Silky Smooth Jazz Techniques

Slip in Some Silky Smooth Jazz Techniques

If you’re like me, you started your guitar journey rooted in classic rock, cutting your teeth on the stylings of Jimi Hendrix, AC/DC or Led Zeppelin, to name a few.

B.B. King Discusses Scales: Warming Up with the King

B.B. King Discusses Scales and Warmups

We stumbled upon some seriously cool lesson videos with the late B.B. King that we had to share. It’s not often that a blues master like King sits down to discuss his technique, so grab your guitar...

For More Expressive Guitar Solos, Try Avoiding Root Notes

In Your Next Solo, Try Avoiding Root Notes

For any guitar player, it’s important to search for, identify and develop your voice on your instrument. In order to make that happen, a foundation of scale knowledge is important, since that will...

Cooking with the Blues: How to Spice Up Your Solos

How to Spice Up Your Blues Solos

The blues' most common variation is the 12-bar variety. A basic 12-bar blues includes three chords, often referred to by number, which describes where the chord is found by scale degree.