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For More Expressive Guitar Solos, Try Avoiding Root Notes

In Your Next Solo, Try Avoiding Root Notes

For any guitar player, it’s important to search for, identify and develop your voice on your instrument. In order to make that happen, a foundation of scale knowledge is important, since that will...

Cooking with the Blues: How to Spice Up Your Solos

How to Spice Up Your Blues Solos

The blues' most common variation is the 12-bar variety. A basic 12-bar blues includes three chords, often referred to by number, which describes where the chord is found by scale degree.

Learning Major Triads All Over the Neck

Learning Major Triads All Over the Neck

A question many students have asked me over the years is, “How can I learn all the major and minor chord forms all over the neck and apply them to progressions and songs?”