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Anyone Can Speed Pick!

Anyone Can Speed Pick!

Imagine if you spend months building up slowly from 60bpm to 90bpm, trying to play everything perfectly, only to discover that your technique doesn’t allow you to increase that tempo. Put these...

Expert Advice: 35 Ways to Play (and Sound) Better Right Now

35 Ways to Play (and Sound) Better Now

“If you’re in a rut with your electric playing, pick up an acoustic. There’s something about playing the acoustic guitar that makes you think about songs. And if you work up solo versions of your...

A Simple Trick to Creating More Tasty Rhythms

How to Create More Tasty Rhythms

I’ve never understood why one would skin a cat, I just know there’s more than one to do it. The same holds true for playing any chord on guitar. There are lots of ways to do it. And unlike skinning...