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Drew Holcomb Performs “American Beauty” Live —Exclusive Video

A few weeks ago we met up with Nashville-based songwriter Drew Holcomb for this exclusive live video session.

We already shared his performance of “Tightrope,” which you can watch right here.

Today, here’s Holcomb’s with “American Beauty,” the second track from his latest album, Medicine.

The song paints a painful picture about the one that got away.

“This song is a snapshot, a photograph. It’s the girl who seemed perfect, but slipped from your grasp, whose every subtle moment of personality was like a dagger in your heart,” says Holcomb.

“So many songs about American women are big, one-dimensional, loud rock songs, and while those have their place, I wanted to write one about the American women who are full of catch 22’s with hidden stories, and are gone like the morning sun.”

So here it is folks! You can keep up with Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors and find out about the band’s latest tour dates at