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All That Jazz: More on My Songwriting Process, and How to Play “War Torn Johnny,” Part Two

In last month’s column, I discussed my songwriting process, using the track “War Torn Johnny,” from the Krantz Carlock Lefebvre album, as a case study. As I explained, my overall approach to composing music is pretty much in line with a standard pop-style songwriting approach of developing intros, verses, pre-choruses, choruses and bridges (every song is, of course, a little different), and “War Torn Johnny” was constructed along these lines. This month, I’d like to present the tune’s bridge section.

I don’t always write a bridge for a song, but there are times when I feel a song needs one so that it will flow better and tell a more satisfying musical story. Often, a bridge will grow from an idea that I had originally tried to use for a verse or chorus. Even though the material wasn’t right for those sections, it was perfect for the bridge.