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How Playing Guitar in Front of a Mirror Can Improve Your Shredding Skills

How a Mirror Can Improve Your Shredding Skills

There's one particularly useful practice tool that will dramatically increase your shredding skills while simultaneously helping you to nail those all-important rock star shapes when you hit the...

Applying Four-Note Shapes and Patterns to Arpeggios

Applying Four-Note Shapes to Arpeggios

In my previous three columns, I presented a detailed exploration of note groups, or “cells,” based on the minor pentatonic and Hirajoshi scales and the Aeolian mode (also known as the natural minor...

A Brief History of Tapping—Plus a Tasty Natural Harmonics Lick

A Brief History of Tapping

Tapping is one of the coolest, most impressive-sounding techniques in guitar playing. Not surprisingly, it’s also one of the most difficult and least understood.