We’ve uncovered the biggest Cyber Monday guitar amp deals – and there are some huge savings to be had

Positive Grid Spark, Fender Blues Junior and Yamaha guitar amp
(Image credit: Positive Grid/Fender/Yamaha)

Cyber Weekend is well and truly underway, meaning the Cyber Monday guitar deals are coming in thick and fast. For those of you on the hunt for a new guitar amp, now is your last chance to take advantage of the countless amp deals that are currently floating around the internet.

We know, it can be mighty intimidating having to trawl through endless amounts of retailers to find the right amp for your specific needs, but don’t worry – we’ve done all the hard work for you. Yes, that’s right: we’ve unearthed the biggest and best amp deals of Cyber Weekend, and we’ve put them all here just for you.

From boutique tube amps and gigging classics all the way to headphone amps, we’ve covered all bases in this guide. Quite simply, if you're in the market for a new amp – of any kind, really – there'll be a sale here for you. Fender's Blues Junior IV – one of the world's most popular tube combos – has had its price slashed, for instance. The Egnater Tweaker-15 Stack, meanwhile, has had its price cut almost fully in half. 

If you're looking for something smaller, though (a lot smaller, perhaps), Vox's tiny amPlug 2 Lead has also seen a significant reduction in its price tag, while the Blackstar Fly 3 is also discounted. 

All told, whether it's silent practice or wall-rattling classic rock crunch you're looking for in an amp, you'll find an enticing deal on it here.

Fender Blues Junior IV: $749 (opens in new tab)

Fender Blues Junior IV: $749 $659 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
As one of the world’s most popular gigging guitar amps, the Fender Blues Junior is rarely discounted, so to find $90 off at Amazon is an exceptional deal indeed. This portable tube combo is easy to use, makes for a perfect pedal platform and sounds killer at live volume levels.

Positive Grid Spark: 35% off with SPARKBF30 (opens in new tab)

Positive Grid Spark: 35% off with SPARKBF30 (opens in new tab)
With thousands of tones on tap, wireless Bluetooth and fast USB connectivity, plus intelligent functions such as Smart Jam and Auto Chords, it’s no wonder the Spark is the best-selling practice amp on the planet. This offer will save you a whopping $70, plus you get a free padded gig bag (usually $60).

Supro Delta King 10: $599 (opens in new tab)

Supro Delta King 10: $599, $399 (opens in new tab)
A regular feature in best-of lists, we couldn’t quite believe it when we saw a $200 reduction on this brilliant boutique tube combo over at Musician's Friend. Despite its small size this amp is more than capable of handling small shows, and is a great pick for home recording duties too.

Positive Grid Spark Mini: 25% off with MINIBF30 (opens in new tab)

Positive Grid Spark Mini: 25% off with MINIBF30 (opens in new tab)
The Spark Mini has been a runaway success, and it's easy to see why. This clever little amp gives players all the features they loved about the original but in a smaller, even more practical format – and right now you can save $30 with the code MINIBF30.  

Boss Katana-100/212 MkII: $564.99 (opens in new tab)

Boss Katana-100/212 MkII: $564.99, $449.99 (opens in new tab)
We love the Boss Katana series for its versatility of tone and usability in any situation, whether you’re practicing at home, recording in the studio, or playing a live show. With this super deal at Guitar Center, you can get this brilliant 2x12 combo amplifier with $115 knocked off the price.

Vox Custom AC15C1: was $799.99 (opens in new tab)

Vox Custom AC15C1: was $799.99, now $699.99 (opens in new tab)
British boutique tube tone for less? Yes please! With the signature clean chime and the saturated warmth of the Top Boost overdrive channel, this 1x12 combo works great as part of a standalone rig, or as a pedal platform. Best of all there's currently $100 off in the Musician's Friend Black Friday deals.

Yamaha THR30II $549 (opens in new tab)

Yamaha THR30II $549 $499 at Guitar Center (opens in new tab)
Yamaha’s class-leading wireless desktop amp has had $50 knocked off its asking price at Guitar Center – a tasty saving on one of the most feature-packed amps on the market. The THR30II packs 15 guitar amps, three bass amps and a trio of mic models for acoustic-electrics, not to mention Bluetooth support, a built-in wireless receiver and built-in rechargeable battery. The THR10II is also down to $299 from $329 (opens in new tab), while the THR30IIA acoustic amp has seen its price drop from $599 to $549 (opens in new tab).

Boss Waza-Air Headphones: $399 (opens in new tab)

Boss Waza-Air Headphones: $399 $349 at Sweetwater (opens in new tab)
The crème de la crème of guitar amp headphones, Boss’s Waza-Air wireless cans use cutting-edge spatial technology to provide the ultimate practice solution. Three innovative 3D algorithms replicate real performance environments, while five amps and 50 tweakable effects are onboard. Even better, the Waza-Air comes with a wireless transmitter for a completely cable-free playing experience. Now with $50 off at Sweetwater! Bassists can also snag the Waza-Air Bass for $335 (opens in new tab) – that’s a $64 discount.

Vox VGH guitar amp headphones: $129 (opens in new tab)

Vox VGH guitar amp headphones: $129 $79 (opens in new tab)
These stylish headphones from Vox team the company’s best-selling amPlug technology with a set of Audio-Technica-designed cans for an affordable all-in-one approach to silent practice. Three options are available: AC30, emulating Vox’s classic guitar amp (opens in new tab); Rock, which specializes in heavier sounds (opens in new tab); and Bass, for bassists (opens in new tab). All three offer a trio of amp models, while the two guitar versions feature onboard chorus, delay and reverb sounds. All are currently on offer at Sweetwater with a sizable $50 saving.

Fender Mustang Micro: $119 (opens in new tab)

Fender Mustang Micro: $119 $89 at Sweetwater (opens in new tab)
The Mustang Micro is Fender’s approach to the headphone amp, and crams its Mustang GTX amp and effects models into a tiny plug-and-play guitar amp. Onboard controls for EQ, amps and effects means there are no apps to get in the way of your playing, while an onboard rechargeable battery delivers 4-6 hours of practice. A Bluetooth connection means you can play wirelessly, while the device also functions as a USB-C interface. Now with a cool $30 off at Sweetwater.

Boss Pocket GT: $249 (opens in new tab)

Boss Pocket GT: $249 $99 at Guitar Center (opens in new tab)
With an integrated YouTube learning function, 99 user memories, 100 amps and effects, the same sound engine as Boss's GT-1 floor processor, and more, the Pocket GT is a terrific & portable practice Swiss Army Knife, complete with headphone output for silent practice. Now, thanks to Guitar Center, it's available for a mouth-watering discount.

Egnater Tweaker-15 Stack: $949.98 (opens in new tab)

Egnater Tweaker-15 Stack: $949.98, now $499.99 (opens in new tab)
Your eyes aren’t deceiving you, this really is a boutique tube head and cab for less than $500! With the Egnater Tweaker head pumping out 15 watts via two 6V6 tubes and a matching 1x12 cabinet with a 12” Egnater speaker, this super versatile amplifier setup has a whopping $449.99 off.

Boss Katana-Air: $485 $379 at Guitar Center (opens in new tab)

Boss Katana-Air: $485 $379 at Guitar Center (opens in new tab)
Boss’s fully wireless desktop amp has had a whopping $106 slashed off the price over at Guitar Center. It crams five of Boss’s ever-popular Katana amp models into a compact enclosure, and comes with a wireless transmitter for your guitar – cables be gone! Bluetooth and USB connectivity make it a great music and recording system, too.

Blackstar HT Club 40 MkII: $999.99 (opens in new tab)

Blackstar HT Club 40 MkII: $999.99, now $649.99 (opens in new tab)
One of the most popular guitar amps on the gigging circuit, this versatile, all-tube tone machine now has a massive $300 off. The HT Series has made a name for itself as one of the best mid-priced tube combos, and this particular model comes in a distinctive Vintage Blue finish – sure to stand out on stage.

Vox amPlug 2 Lead: $59.99 (opens in new tab)

Vox amPlug 2 Lead: $59.99, now $39.99 (opens in new tab)
This perfect practice partner makes keeping your chops a breeze. We find having a headphone amp for guitar around the house invaluable for late-night writing sessions and keeping up our practice regimens. With upgraded analog circuitry, excellent battery life, and superb sound – this sub $40 bargain should be in every guitar player’s basket.

Blackstar Fly 3 Neon Yellow: $74.99 (opens in new tab)

Blackstar Fly 3 Neon Yellow: $74.99 $64.99 (opens in new tab)
Want Blackstar’s game-changing mini amp, but don’t want to pay full price? You can snag this none-more-’80s Neon Yellow version for $64.99 over at Guitar Center, saving a cool $10 in the process. It packs the same features as the regular Fly 3 – two channels, remarkably full bodied tones and a built-in tape-style delay – but with a much, much brighter aesthetic. Bassists can snag the Neon Yellow Fly 3 Bass for just $59 (opens in new tab), while the Fly 3 Acoustic is also $59 (opens in new tab) in the sale.

Line 6 Powercab 112 FRFR: $617.49 (opens in new tab)

Line 6 Powercab 112 FRFR: $617.49, now $499 (opens in new tab)
Line 6's Powercab 112 is, for our money, one of the best FRFR speakers out there. It features an FRFR mode that'll deliver a pristine representation of your amp modeler's preset patch or profile, plus six onboard speaker models of its own. Now, thanks to Guitar Center, it can be had for more than $100 less than its usual sticker price.

Randall Thrasher 50W tube head: $2,099 (opens in new tab)

Randall Thrasher 50W tube head: $2,099 $1,249 (opens in new tab)
If you’re serious about your live metal guitar tone, this Mike Fortin-developed 50W compact tube head is one of the best deals you can snap up this holiday season. The Thrasher’s pair of channels are designed to accommodate everything from detuned six-strings right down to eight-strings with utmost clarity and a tight attack. Its build quality is as formidable as its tones, too.

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